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If you are not using Skype other than on your PC, it might not be wrong to call you just a “regular internet user”. There’s seriously nothing left to tell you the benefits and uses of the application for all devices. We all know that it finds useful in instant messaging, messaging, video calling, and international audio calling. But this article is not about continuing the Skype saga, rather on some coolest Skype tricks of Skype Messenger that you can use.
Owned by Microsoft, the popular video-calling service is available for almost all platforms. Used by millions, the software is set to be a core part of distant communication these days. These tips and tricks will make your experience better and offer you an edge using it.

1. Recording Video Messages

You know you can not only make video calls to others but also record video messages in Skype. Apart from audio calls and text-based messaging, you can simply record videos and send them as messages to contacts you choose. It’s quite like video voicemail and serves a great purpose. The trick is most helpful to those situations when you and your contact cannot be online at the same time but got something to share.

Just right-click on a contact and select Send Video Message option to start recording a message.


2. Checking Your Profile for Public Parts

Every Skype user has a unique Skype profile and some of the info you enter can be set as public. Given that, you need to double check this to ensure that there’s nothing personal you are revealing unintentionally to everyone. Go to My Account page and click on Edit profile icon. Now look for the labels on the right, showing private and public fields.


3. Using Chat Commands

Apart from chatting through chat boxes, which is the instant messenger side of Skype, you can also type in commands to control the application. For instance, you can type the command “/showplaces” to view all of the devices where you are currently signed in. Similarly, you can type “/remotelogout” to sign out from all devices except on the one you’re currently using.


4. Transferring Files Over the Web

Skype is not limited to only chatting with people who are away, but it also serves as a useful file transfer tool. You can easily send a file to other by simply opening a folder in a browser and then dragging the file into a conversation window (on desktops). While the images show up instantly, files and other types of documents require permission.


5. Configuring Caller ID

Office 365 subscriptions offer a bundle of minutes to call up or you just might be someone who calls landlines and mobiles on regular basis. If so, then you would want to know you’re calling. Go to Skype Account Page on the web and click on Caller ID Number to configure your number. You will receive a verification code. Just verify and you’re done.


6. Automatically answering calls

You can even automatically answer calls on Skype. You need to go to Tools menu and select Options. Once you are there, switch to the Calls tab. You will find a setting under Advanced Options that allows you to answer automatically to calls and even switch to your webcam instantly. Well, it’s easy, convenient, and it offers you the simplest way to spy on your home while you’re away.


7. Password-protect your group chats

Afraid if someone unwanted sneaks in and reads your chat or joins the group out of somewhere? Well, Skype saves you here. There are, in fact, a couple of chat commands that you can use to take the advantage. Set a password so that no uninvited visitors can join your group chat via a link. For this, you need to type “/set [password text]” in the group chat box.


8. Avoid Confusion of Same Names

If you are bothered by the similar names in your contact list you don’t have to fret. You can change the name of a person in Skype anytime. This trick comes handy when you have several people with similar names. Go to Contact and click on the name of the person you wish to change the name of. A new window will pop up with the person’s name at the top. Just drag the cursor to the top and you will get a notepad and a paper icon to edit the names.


9. Set Up Alerts

This is certainly one of the most useful Skype tricks. You can set keyword notifications for messages. While you are in a chat window, click on Conversation menu and select Notification Settings. Now enter your keywords for which you’d like to be notified. As soon as the keyword is mentioned in your chat, you will receive an instant alert. Even the particular word will be highlighted so that you can easily find it on your chat window.


10. Add Your Facebook Friends

Skype even lets you add updates from your Facebook friends by simply going to your Skype Account Page and selecting Account Settings. Now all you need to do is just link your Facebook profile to Skype interface. Furthermore, you can also make video calls and chat with your Facebook friends from within Skype. This gives you a one-stop shop to manage your communication.

So, these were some of the handy tricks for using Skype. If you haven’t used them yet, 2017 is the perfect year to make the most out of this multipurpose software. Don’t have Skype? Don’t worry, Download Skype IM for Windows and enjoy audio/video calls, instant messaging and much more things around